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Domain Acquisition - How much is too much?

By Mark Jackson, Search Engine Watch, Sep 9, 2008

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Welcome to the .nz domain name secondary market.

Names.co.nz is owned and operated by On Company Ltd, an Auckland based web development company.

Though a fairly new phenomenon in NZ, secondary domain markets are well established globally. Sedo, the leader in the .com secondary market is an excellent example.

Names.co.nz is specifically geared for the nz market with most listings dedicated to the .nz domain space.

Names.co.nz recognises that with a limited number of words in the English language, a strong domain name is becoming progressively harder and harder to find. In today's world your domain name is core to your brand. Gone are the days where registering your trademark is the first priority to securing your brand. In our online world, securing your domain name has become the fundamental first step to any brand decision. For without the domain, any brand name or trademark pursued has little marketable value.

That's why Names.co.nz is about far more than just domains. Names.co.nz is a place where online brands and e-businesses are born.

A division of On Company Ltd.

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