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Choosing a Name

Choosing a domain name is a critical decision and long term will significantly affect the outcome on your online presence and business.

Ideally, select a memorable name that's easy for visitors to recall, and/or a name that is relevant to your business or generic to your industry. Domain names are searchable so consider what your customers are searching for. Direct type-in traffic (i.e. typing a url into the address bar) rather than search, is a factor of online traffic. Consider how many websites you visit purely because you know where/what they are. Name recall is a powerful business generater and can be the difference to successful e-business development.

Choosing a good domain name.
There are some key factors to consider.. For example: *Relax Saunas NZ Ltd (*Hypothetical )

- Brand.. The domain name could reflect the brand name, e.g.
- Generic.. A generic word/term related to the market segment, e.g.
- Brand & Generic.. Company brand plus core market segment, e.g.
- Acronym.. An abbreviated acronym of your full business name. e.g. (Relax Saunas Limited).

Key things to avoid:
Avoid Hyphens. e.g.
Hypenated words are not search friendly. Plus returning visitors seldom recall (or type in) a hypen in the url. Invariably your intended visitors will end up somewhere else. Probably the non-hyphenated site of a competitor.

Avoid Additions such as NZ or Ltd. e.g.,
Vistors rearly recall additional characters. The generic words, brand, or business (i.e. relax saunas) will be the only words remembered.

Avoid Phonetic interpretations.. e.g.
As with hyphens and additions, phonetic interpretation seldom work as people tend to recall the real word/s rather than any phonetic one.

Avoid Dot coms for local market.. e.g.
Unless your customer base is outside NZ, then a dot com domain should only be considered as a possible secondary option to point traffic to your address. To realise the importance of for NZ based companies consider your own experiences when seaching on google for local NZ products or services. How often do you click to visit a dot com website within the search results? If your market is in nz then is fundamental to attracting nz customers/traffic.

Additonal recommendations:
Singular and plural.. Try to secure both the singular and plural versions of a domain. e.g. and

Numbers/words.. If your name/brand/domain includes a number in-place of a word.. e.g., then also secure the written alternatives to the number.. e.g. www.foursaunas +

Remember, there are no limitations to the number of domain names you can own or have pointing to your website. The attention span of your potential customers to find, then later recall your web address is the only limitation that should concern you.